Hello ! ...Welcome to my Aussie Road Racing site... a site created for you to enjoy those early days of Australian Road racing of which I was a part in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a motor racing mechanic and an avid fan of this great sport.. This site will contain photos from my collection and those of my friends and associates. I hope you enjoy reliving a lot of the memories of your youth as I have......
Thank you to John Medley & Peter Schell for helping with some IDs....Brian. 
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What a great photo with which to open this collection . Stan Jones of Victoria, ( father of 1980 F1 World Champ. Alan Jones ) left, with mechanic Charlie Dean and the famous Maybach 2. Stan Jones won the 1959 Australian Grand Prix at Longford , Tasmania in a 250F Maserati.
The Ray Wamsley GP Alfa Romeo P3...before it was restored to the original configuration this car had several engines including GMC, Alvis and Corvette. Behind the wheel in this 1950s pic is midget Speedcar driver Tony Burke.
The great Reg Hunt of Victoria and one of his many factory race cars, an A6GCM Maserati
The Len Lukey Cooper Bristol backed into the Pit counter at Bathurst.
The HWM Jaguar had many owners. Victorian , Lex Davison won the 1954 Australian Grand Prix at Southport . Qld in this car.
The battered nose of the Jack Robinson XK120 Jaguar Special # 20.
A warm up lap minus helmets !
Maybe Doug Whiteford in the T26C Talbot Lago,
 ( Lago Talbot )Jones in the 250 F ? Doug Whiteford won the 1952 AGP at Bathurst and the 1953 AGP at Albert Park in the Talbot Lago ( generally called Lago Talbot or affectionately named 'Large Tablet ').
Clive Adams in a Prad. (ex Bill Clark HRG) , Jack Neal in a Maserati 4C and Jim Johnston in the MG Special ?
The famous ex Louis Chiron, French GP T26C Talbot Lago of Doug Whiteford, Ralph Snodgrass, Arnold Glass and Barry Collerson. A car they could not sell at 1200 Australian pounds in the 1960s eventually sold in Europe in the 1980s for 380,000 British pounds, ( $ 931,000 Aud ).
What would it be worth today ?
( Car by Talbot - engine by Anthony F. Lago) 
Harry Monday in his Ford SV V8 Special
On the dummy grid, Pit straight , Bathurst in the 1950s, the famous mountain in the background.
Doug Chivas in the rebodied Lotus 6.
Paul Samuels in the little Berkeley sports.
Paul England in the Australian built, REPCO Holden powered AUSCA sports.
Veteran Aussie racer, Tom Sulman in the fabulous BRG coloured DB3S Aston Martin sports. What an exhaust note this car had !. Tom sadly lost his life in 1970 on Con Rod straight at the Mt Panorama circuit, Bathurst . He was driving a Lotus Eleven Sports.
The exotic Ferrari coupe of Nino Saccilotto
Sam Miller in his green and cream Austin Healey 100s complete with aerodynamic head rest.
Thanks to the late Rob Smart for sharing his memories with us via these great      ( mostly Box Brownie ) pics.
It's these little collections in people's cupboards and shoe boxes that will take the history of Australian motor racing on into the future via the net. If you have a collection of good quality early photos that you would like to share on this site please email on email address below. I don't need originals just good quality jpeg scans about 500 pixels wide at 75dpi will do.
I am always open to informed corrections of captions of car / driver identification.
Brian Darby
Above: Stan in action in The Maybach . The Maybach engine was out of a WWII German Scout car .
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In what may be a first for an Aussie Road Racing website - in conjunction with my good friend, Glenn Munro, I'd like to present this historic and fascinating Video Clip from the old Mt Druitt circuit west of Sydney. A very young Jack Brabham is seen racing his first road racing car, footage shot in 1953.  Just click on the Mt Druitt heading above - this will take you to the video clip page - turn your sound on - wait for the download ( 2.6 MB) and sit back and enjoy this 1 min 5 second clip of road racing in 1953.
I've put a few of my favourite sounds on the site. 
Do you like sounds ?  See what you think.
From Bill Hinte: Just to let you know that Maybach III  had a Maybach engine as it's original power plant. Charlie Dean, together with others at Repco built a unique fuel injection system for this engine, I also believe that it had a larger capacity than the base engine? In this installation the engine was tilted over to give a lower engine cover & of course lower the centre of gravity. the Chevy was installed after I believe a major blow-up, when it was decided that the Maybach had reached the limit of development.  Cheers Bill.

A great new website on the famous Australian Buckle Sports Car of the 1950s. Website by Bob Williamson.
The complete history of this fabulous car.
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 Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3) s/n 5002
For the fascinating history of this P3 click on the link below,
P3 s/n 5002 as it is today restored in Europe  last sold for millions of $$$
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( 4.9.21) Brian,
Maybach III actually had a smaller version of the engine – 3.8l. 240bhp. (Phil Irving Biography, p.459). Earlier engine was 4.3l.
Cheers, Bob King.

Left : The factory Elfin 1500 # 14 sits waiting for it's NSW debut with Frank Matich as driver.
 Photo taken at Frank's Total S'Stn Punchbowl NSW in 1963 when I was employed by Frank .. Brian 
Photo by Brian Darby
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