Charlie Stone, an enthusiast from Western Australia has sent these 4 photos over for us to enjoy. 
Charlie was involved with racing at Caversham and Wanneroo in the early days...Thanks Charlie. 
The lightweight Mk7 Bolwell that Campbell Bolwell made for Dick Murphy, specially for racing, in 1970. Charlie had a hand in building it up in W.A., and it had a 186 red Holden power plant. The engine was built by Tom Francis and Graeme Wesley. The photo above was taken in the pits ar Wanneroo when the pits were at the top of the hill. Charlie Stone seen here talking to driver Dick Murphy.
The fabulous looking Killeen K1 sports racer.  Built in England by Tom Killeen in 1953, it's the only one of this model ever built. It has a full monocoque body built like an aeroplane fuselage rather than just a tub like most racing cars of the later era. The K1 has an XPAG MG engine with MG running gear and leaf springs. It has been said that maybe this was the car that inspired Colin Chapman to build monocoque cars ( although apparently Chapman denied this ). Chapman did see the car and he had not built any Lotus monocoques at that stage of his career. ( Facts courtesy of Charlie Stone )
The Killeen K1.
The power plant of the Jack Myer's WM - Cooper racer of the 1960s. It was a highly modified grey Holden bottom end with a twin overhead cam cross flow head designed and bulit by Merv Waggott of Greenacre , NSW.  Bill Bressingham of the Midel Co. had to build up the specially small float bowls for the 6 x 1 - 3 /4" SUs so they would fit into the intake set up. 
The car is now in the Birdwood Mill Motor Museum in S.A.
Thank you Charlie Stone for these nicely different photos.
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