Barry Pierce a motorcycle sidecarist of the 1960s / 70s era has shared some of his memories with us on Aussie Road Racing, thanks Barry.
Oran Park 1972/73 # 20 Brian Duffy on the ex Bayliss S600 Honda, Barry and Michael Pierce # 68 Triumph 750.
Barry and Michael Pierce, Bathurst 1978, Honda 1000cc.
Oran Park, #34 Jack Pearce on HRD, # 68 Barry Michael Pierce on Triumph 750.
The start at Oran Park. #68 Barry and Michael Pierce, # 74 Nev Stumbles and Bob Alston Triumph 650
Barry and Michael Pierce, practice at Amaroo Park Raceway.
Oran Park 1969/70 #40 Brian Thomas 650 triumph, # 30 Stan Bayliss/Mal Byrnes 1000ccHRD,# 54 Lindsay Urquhart Honda 750, # 9 Noel Manning HRD.
# 30 above and right, the Stan Bayliss Yamaha TZ700 outfit.Windle frame and water cooled 2 stroke engine, the ex Mac Hobson bike from the UK. This outfit was the first outfit to average 100mph around the Isle of Man. 
Hobson lost his life on the Isle after hitting a manhole cover.
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Bathurst 1979 Australian Unlimited GP.
# 57 Bob West/ J.Barrett 812cc Honda
# 59 Gary Watson/ S.Marshall 750cc Suzuki
# 68 Barry Pierce/ Michael Pierce 812cc Honda 
# 39 J.Gilbert/ ? 820cc Honda.
Barry Pierce's friend, Bert Meadows used to prepare the Supercharged Triumph twin open wheel race car and the Waggott Holden race car for Jack Myers. Three pics below are of the Triumph set up in the rear engined car. Jack lost his life in the Triumph at the Catalina circuit at Katoomba, NSW.