The TOM FISHER Collection
Tom Fisher - an Aussie motor sport enthusiast had this small collection of photos of race cars from the 1950s - which he left to his Grandson.We have the privilege of enjoying these 9 x 6 cm Box Brownie shots here on ARR. The photos shot at Mt Druitt and Bathurst and also on show on this page is the folder in which they were supplied from the photo processor - W.H.Butcher. 
Note the cost 2 shillings & 8 pence( 28 c in today's money ) 
Jack Brabham's first road racing car - # 8 -  a Cooper Vincent HRD.
Jack Brabham's 2nd. road racing car - a Cooper Bristol - Jack got into trouble for advertising on the car (Redex) . Commercial advertising on race cars was banned at the time.
'Curly' Brydon's MG Special # 36. 
The Tom Hawkes car up from Victoria - an Allard Special # 10.
The Stan Jones Maybach 1 - Bathurst 1954.
The Stan Jones stable - Cooper #11 - Maybach # 2.
On the grid at Mt Druitt Cooper JAP of Dick Cobden # 9 - Cooper JAP of Ash Marshall # 7  with Jack Brabham's Cooper HRD # 8 just out of sight .
Jack Murray's Bugatti - Ford # 30 - Bathurst 1954. 
The Pits were on the track apron in that era.
George Pearse's Cooper JAP # 16 - Mt Druitt.
Ron Tauranac's RALT 500 - Mt Druitt 1953 - at the time claimed to be the fastest 500cc race car in NSW.
Thank you to the late Tom Fisher for the chance to enjoy this Aussie motor racing history.