The PRADs were a series of Sports Racing cars built in the 1950s and 1960s by Jack Pryer - Clive Adams and body man extroadinaire - Stan Brown. They were usually modified from existing cars and mostly driven in the early days by Clive Adams.  Bill Reynolds and Doug Chivas also drove some of the PRAD Specials. The PRAD on this page was modified from the Bill Clark HRG Monoposto of the 1950s into the HRG - Holden then refitted with a sports body into the PRAD Holden in 1958. Mike Nedelko has been the most succesful driver of this PRAD, having competed in Aussie road racing regularly in the early 1960s including a 7th place in a Cooper S at the 1963 Armsrong 500 at Bathurst.  At this date, April 2007, Shane Bowden has owned the car for 32 years and recently having finished the restoration, ran the car at the last Phillip Island Classic. 
The basis of Shane Bowden's PRAD - Holden, the original and very successful imported # 88 HRG Monoposto of Bill Clark's. 
Left : The HRG - Holden modified to the PRAD - Holden Sports with the Stan Brown sports car body at Bathurst 1959.  # 26 Holt Binnie in the MGTF- Holden and Lynn Archer in the Bob Tail Cooper Climax Sports
Back to it's original PRAD body configuration, although it was a dark green originally in 1958, Shane said when it came to Victoria in 1965 it was of this maroon colour.
The restored PRAD - Holden at Phillip Island.
Jack ( now Sir Jack ) Brabham poses in front of the PRAD - Holden. Warwick Farm - NSW - 1962.
The PRAD (outside) on the grid at Catalina Park NSW with the Leaton Mtrs. Lotus 15 on pole.
King Edward Park Hillclimb - Newcastle -NSW -1962
Mike Nedelko in the car at Bathurst Easter - 1963.
Mike Nedelko and the PRAD - Hell Corner Bathurst 30.3.1963 
Thank you Shane for sharing the restoration of this classic Aussie sports car with us on Aussie Road Racing. 
Nedelko - Warwick Farm, NSW - 1961
Warwick Farm - NSW - 1962
Catalina Park - Katoomba- NSW -1962
 The 2007 Australian Grand Prix meeting, Shane and Sir Jack Brabham admire the PRAD - Holden.
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After Shane ran the car at Bathurst in 2009 he was delighted to meet one of the builders of his unique sports car, Clive Adams. Pic shows L to R : Mike Nedelko, Clive Adams, Ian Adams and Shane.