Thanks to George and Lesley for the use of their early Mt Druitt pics, both fans of Aussie Motor Sport for many years and great supporters of the vintage speedway midget movement.
George and # 16.
Bill Ford in his Hudson Special. Story went that he ran out of body material and used his wife's petticoat over the tail of the car. ! ( Just a story ) Bill was a long time member of the ARDC.
Clive Adams in # 47 the Prad Ford V8 Special .'Prad' was made up from the names of of Jack Pryor & Clive Adams
Dick Cobden in the green ex Peter Whitehead V12 2 Litre Supercharged 125 Ferrari. This ' works ' car was big time in Australia in the 1950s.
Jack Brabham in the REDeX Special Cooper Bristol runs outside Jack Murray in the Bugatti Ford. Jack's Bristol was super competitive due to some special mods. 
Jack Brabham in the black Cooper Bristol trails Stan Coffey in his green Dowidat Special Cooper Bristol.
Jack brought his 2 ltr.' Bobtail ' Bristol engined Cooper to Australia in 1955 and won the Australian Grand Prix at Port Wakefield in S.A. with the car.
Big, burly Englishman Horace Gould brought his Cooper Bristol to Mt Druitt in 1954 for an ' International Match Race ' with Jack Brabham, due to the lightweight flywheel, Harley Davidson clutch and Holden type Stromberg carbs Jack left Horace ' for dead ' off the line  
Bill Ford in the Hudson Special leads Jack Robinson in the Jaguar XK120 Special # 20. Frank Walters' Ford engined So-Cal Special in the background. 
Bill Clark in the Monoposto H.R.G. # 88
An early Ford V860 flathead touring car at Mt Druitt.
Larry Humphries in the Jaguar XK120 engined Austral Union Special
Victorian Ted Gray in the Alta Ford V8 with OHV Heads.
Tony Gaze in the Peter Whitehead Jaguar C Type during the Mt Druitt 1954 - 24 Hour race.
Healey 100/4, Jag XK120 and a TC or Singer ? in a Sports Car heat.
Llyod Hirst in a MKV Cooper J.A.P.
Col James in the Barclay Motors MG Special # 79.
Maybe it's Curly Brydon in an MG Special leading Stan Coffey in the Bristol, about to spin, with two other Aussie Specials bringing up the rear..
The  ' big ' touring cars ! An Austin A30, a Morris Minor SV and of all thing tripping over, a 100E Ford Prefect ! The standard joke with the Prefects and Anglia's of that era was that they were the only car that could roll over when stationary at the kerb !!
Stan Coffey in the Dowidat Special 
Cooper Bristol spins - Holt Binnie in 37 the MGTD Special - centre.
On the grid from the left, Bill Clark in the Monoposto HRG 
# 88, looks like Col James running # 87 in the MG Special and # 25 the Dixon Riley.
From the rear,
Into the first turn, Castle Corner,
 Bill Clark HRG, Dick Cobden Cooper # 9, Larry Humphries in the Austral Union # 18 and Ash Marshall in the ex John Nind MkIV Cooper #7" 
Rear to front:
Jack Murray in the Day Special, Jack Robinson in the XK120 Jaguar Special and Larry Humphries in the Austral Union # 18.
Nearest to the camera, the great Tommy Sulman in front of Clive Adams in the # 47 Prad Ford with the Laddie Gordon/Arthur Griffiths MG Special # 39 on the rear of the Mt Druitt grid. 
A panorama of the Cumberland Oval Speedway track in Parramatta, a Sydney suburb. On this day the great Stirling Moss took the Jack Myers WM Cooper around the famous dirt track for some demo laps.
Lesley's masterpiece !

Stirling Moss doing demo laps of Cumberland Oval Speedway in November 1956.
The Myers WM Cooper was powered by an overbored 138 Holden grey engine with a Waggott twin overhead cam cylinder head running 6 x 1 3/4 " SU carburettors.
Thanks Lesley and George for some very rare photos .........Brian.
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