Ray Eldershaw, a top Australian motor racing mechanic shot some Box Brownie pics at Mt Panorama, other circuits and race meetings the early 50s. Pics too good not to post, there is always something of interest in every photo taken...thanks Ray. 
The Skate III of Tom Griffith's of Grenfell NSW.
'Curly' Brydon's MG Special # 25
The immaculate J2 Allard # 32 of Stan Jones from Victoria.
An MG Special ...ID ?
The supercharged Bugatti - Ford # 16 of 
D.A. MacLachlan.
#37 The Prad SV Ford V8 of Clive Adams .
This is a MK IV. It is the John Nind car, which was sold to Ash Marshall in 1953. It was white in colour from new with Nind, and still white when sold to Marshall – he repainted it after one Druitt meeting. In this photo it looks new, so likely to be Nind.
(caption courtesy of Rob Saward)
Alec Mildren in an MG Special # 68 takes of from the Start line.
Harry Monday in the # 28 J2 Allard on Con Rod Straight.
Monday and the J2 # 28 take off from the start line.
Off the line Phil Harrison in the Head Bros MG Special.
Ron Reid in the Carpenter Terraplane # 43 on the Start line.
ID ?
Thanks for the input Ray.