John Halcrow, a friend of mine for 50 years, has come up with a few mid to late 50s Box Brownie pics from Bathurst etc.. John raced Appendix J in the 1960s at the Farm, Orange Gnoo Blas, Hume Weir etc. He ran a 1953 series Holden which ended up red with a white GT stripe right down the centre, hence the page colour.
Merv Ward in the orange coloured Ralt # 13. 
Tom Jordan in the Silverstone Healey # 92.
The famous Jack Myers in his early Holden # 1, one of the pioneers in racing Holden sedans.
Frank Walters in the So Cal Ford SV V8 Special.
The So Cal ran aluminium alloy finned Edelbrock heads, high tech for the day.
Aussie road racing legend, Lex Davison and the HWM Jaguar # 77.
A top competitor in sedan racing of the day, Barrie Gurdon of Bathurst in his supercharged Austin A50 # 11.
John Ralston MG and Austen Tauranac in the 
# 48 Ralt ? Norton/Special.
Dick Bland in the Dixon Riley # 25 followed by Col James in the Barclay Motors S/C MG # 44.
The front wheel drive Don Wright Citroen Special # 20. 
A young Frank Matich in a 100/4 Austin Healey ?
Another 100/4 Austin Healey. Driver L.Kelly 
Dr John Boorman C-type Jaguar # 6.
Allan Gray in a XK120 Jaguar coupe.
One of the early competing VWs. 
Jack Bono, Jay Bee Mtrs. entry. 
A racing Morris Minor side valve convertable,
the Morrie Miller 1250cc.entry # 109.
 Stan Coffey in the Dowidat Special Cooper Bristol # 4. 
J.Carter in an MG Special # 34.
Thank you to Barry Lake and John Medley for help in identifying most of these cars and drivers..
Thanks Barry & John.
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