A nice collection of sharp images from that golden period of Aussie road racing, the late 1950s. Pics are from the Bathurst Mt Panorama circuit and the Orange Gnoo Blas circuit.....Thank you Ian.
Thank you to Ian McKay and his friend, John Jones for supplying these historic pics for the Aussie Road Racing site for all of us to enjoy.
A couple of nice shots of the Lex Davison Ferrari # 4
Lex Davison and the Ferrari in action at 
Mt Panorama.
Tom Clark's  Super Squalo Ferrari # 22 - road registered ? 
The fabulous Maserati and Ferrari eater of Ted Gray's - the Chev. Corvette engined Tornado
Sydney car dealer, Arnold Glass in his Super Squalo Ferrari # 1.
Arnold Glass and Ferrari # 1.
The magnificent T26c GP  Talbot Lago (a Talbot car, engine by Anthony F. Lago)  of Ralph Snodgrass'. I hope none of those kids step on that hand formed aluminium and fluted bonnet.!
Aussie motor sport legend, Alec Mildren on Pit row at Orange in his Cooper Climax # 10.

The Bill Pitt road registered D type Jaguar # 11. 
Sam Miller from Gunnedah, NSW, ran his Austin Healey 100S regularly at Bathurst and Orange.
The Aston Martin DB3S # 99 of David McKay's, the Alfa P3 can be seen in the background.
Bill Patterson's Bob Tail Cooper Bristol # 73 from Victoria.
The Ferrari Coupe of Nino Sacilotto on Pit straight at Orange.
The Tom Hawkes ex Cooper Bristol with a Repco headed Holden engine. This was the  ex Jack Brabham Cooper Bristol.
The REPCO cross flow cylinder head can be seen quite clearly in this pic.
Glynn Scott # 4 in the Repco Special pulls up Pit straight at the Gnoo Blas circuit, Orange NSW.
This was an Australian built special, a copy of the Hawkes ex Cooper Bristol - Repco 
The Kevin Neal Cooper Bristol # 5
The front engined  Lotus 12  Climax - later called the Sabakat.
The 250F GP Maserati of Stan Jones at Bathurst.
The 250F GP Maserati # 4  of Stan Jones' and Stan pulls up Pit straight in the 250F at Orange, 
circa 1957. It was an uphill grade from the hairpin, Windsock Corner.
Allan Standfield's BSA Special. An Australian special, rear engined baby D type look a like !
As you can see from the bodywork, Allan was an expert fabricator.
His father created and ran the family business at Mascot NSW, making the "Supreme" mouse traps. The company made millions of mouse traps over many, many years and all on the same hand made old machine that Allan's father built in the 1940s.
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