The second page of John's pics cover the Touring cars, great photos
All photos - Copyright - John Stanley.
One of the all time great Touring car pics, in my opinion. Max Volkers and Brian Michelmore at Lakeside in Queensland.
Kevin Bartlett at Lakeside in the all alloy panelled LH drive Alfa.
Ian 'Pete' Geoghegan and Norm Beechey.
Ex Canadian , Allan Moffat cracks 
the champers Round 7 of the A.T.C.C.
Lakeside 25.6.78.
 The famous Moffat / Bond Falcons at Lakeside, Qld.
These are the two cars that had the 1 - 2 finish to the 1977 Bathurst Great Race.
Big Ian ' Pete ' Geoghegan in the Mustang # 1
Beechey, Geoghegan, Thomson and McKeown.
and drinks to his victory from the A.T.C.C. trophy cup.
A rare action shot of the famous Neptune Racing Team. Norm Beechey - Mustang, 
Jim McKeown - Cortina and Peter Manton - Mini.
Norm Beechey in the Chevy Nova leads Big Pete .
Beechey was Australian Touring Car Champion in 1965 and 1970.
1965 in a Mustang, 1970 in a Monaro.
A Mini gets ' eaten ' at Hungry Corner.
Norm Beechey in the Chevy Nova.
Melbourne Porsche Dealer,  Alan Hamilton in action in his # 9 Porsche at Lakeside.
The Camaro of Terry Allen.
Rod Coppins - Mustang, Paul Fahey - Mustang, Brian Michelmore - Cortina 
and John French - Mini, the 1967 ATCC.... ( info thanks Ray Bell )
Thanks John......some great touring car pics, 
now on to the Sports Cars on PAGE 3.
Bryan Thomson in the Mustang.
The photographer, John Stanley's, favourite photo, 
Ian 'Pete' Geoghegan in the Mustang. 
Geoghegan was Australian Touring Car Champion in 1964 in a Cortina GT and 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 in a Mustang.
Lakeside 1964. 
 Brian ' Yogi Bear ' Muir 
in his EH S4 Holden. 
The S4 model was introduced at the Bathurst Armstrong 500 race in October 1963. Kevin Bartlett also drove an S4 at that meeting.
Two of the Neptune Racing Team cars.  Norm Beechey in the EH Holden S4 on the outside, Jim Mckeown in the Lotus Cortina # 3.
Brian Foley, far left, is interviewed by Max Stahl next to his Chesterfield Racing sponsored Porsche at Surfers Paradise Raceway,Qld.. 
( thanks for your ID Max.)

Brian started racing in Austin A30s tuned by family friend and super tuner, Frank Dent.

The Foley family had an Electrical contracting business in Erskineville NSW and Frank had the Mobil Garage in the same suburb. 
A 1964 Mag cover, so what's new ?