A fine private collection of early Aussie Road Racing photos from Gordon Graham who, as a teenager prowling the Pits at Caversham Raceway, Western Australia, shot quite a few rolls of film capturing the atmosphere of the cars, drivers and mechanics in a static display of the day in the mid 1960s..........
Thank you Gordon for sharing these great images with us on Aussie Road Racing.  
Don O'Sullivan's race team circa 1967. # 20 is the ex Bruce McLaren Tasman Cooper Climax. 
Low Line Cooper # 15's origins are a bit of a mystery Gordon says. It is not mentioned in John Blanden's book and O'Sullivan's mechanic, Jaime Gard often drove the car. 
# 15 The ex Bib Stillwell 1962 Gold Star winning car as it appeared when O'Sullivan ran it in the 1965 W.A. Racing Car Championship, which he won.
A cockpit shot of the ex McLaren Tasman Cooper # 20
# 98 a Cooper - Ford engined sports car special. The car was based on the wreck of an earlier Low Line owned by O'Sullivan, an ex Stillwell /Patterson car.
A couple of different angles of the # 15 car.
# 26 Jeff Dunkerton's Lotus Super Seven, possibly before the 1964 Caversham Six Hour Race. He also ran this car in the 1962 Australian Grand Prix, the last sports car to race in an AGP. 
Dunkerton can be seen in the Jacket and cap.
Wally Higgs, multi State Champion ( left) and mechanic, ponder a problem with Higg's simple but effective Peugeot special, possibly at the 1965 State Championships. Engine was out to around 1700 cc.
The Higgs Peugeot Special
The Sevin was the last of several interesting specials built and raced by Vin Smith, and had blown Peugeot power.
The Sevin
A look at the S/C Peugeot power unit in the Sevin..
Jamie Gard's Gard 27 powered by a 1500cc Ford engine. 
The Gard 27 Special.
Both photos above and also one on left are of Vic Watson's crude but effective Hurricane V8 special. It was based on the earlier Ford Custom that he raced with a Ford 272 OHV cu.in engine.
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