Ed Holly, a current Historic racer and great fan of Aussie road racing over the years has shared some of his memories with us on Aussie Road Racing...thanks Ed.
On to some photos from Ed's collection as a fan.
1962 Australian Formula Junior Championship - Catalina Park, Katoomba NSW - 28.10.1962.  On the grid with Frank Matich in Elfin # 4 are Leo Geoghegan in the Lotus 22 # 8, Gavin Youl in his BT2 Brabham # 2,  Clive Nolan in his Lotus 20 # 16 and the nose of Glynn Scott's Lotus 20 just visible behind Frank.
( thank you to Graham Howard for some IDs and title)
Ron Tauranac and Ed at Eastern Creek with the BT 15 Brabham
Ed at Speed-on-Tweed in the ex 'works' Denny Hulme driven 1963 Formula Junior BT6 Brabham. This car went on to have 24 Tasman starts from 1964 with a 1.5 twin cam with Frank Gardner, Roly Levis and Bill Stone as the drivers.
Ed with Leo Geoghegan at Wakefield Park. 
Ed owned the ex Geoghegan Lotus 20 at the time.
Ed in his 1965 Brabham - BT15 1600 twin cam.
Ian Kaufmann in the Elfin 375.
Ed in his Elfin 375 works FJ 1500....Eastern Creek 8.8.04
Ed started out in an MGA Coupe' and then ran a very successful MGA Roadster.