John Partridge of Canberra - owner driver of a Lotus Eleven - has shared photos from his career drives in the Eleven as well as providing some other interesting photos - Thanks John.
Photos from Lakeview hill climb in the A.C.T. , Towac, Warwick Farm etc.
First meeting - Lakeview A.C.T. 1965
Niel Allen in Elan - JP at rear in Eleven - Hume Weir 1966
Hume Weir - 1966 - with Doug Hicks in Moke.
Hume Weir - 18.9.1966.
Towac 1966- with John Evans in the MG TC.
Hume Weir.
22.5.66 - Towac - Pope leading - JP at rear.
Lakeview Hill climb A.C.T - 
Lakeview early 1965.
Riverview  A.C.T. - 1/4 mile Sprint. 
Tom Sulman in car at Lakeview Hillclimb.
Towac - 22.5.1966
Thanks for the photos John.
Towac 22.5.1966 
Warwick Farm 16.7.1967
some Lakeview photos by Ian J Keith.