Chris Haigh, Jaguar enthusiast and owner of the original David McKay 3.4 Jaguar touring car which first raced at Bathurst in October 1958,  has shared his photographic collection and memories of this great and important car in Aussie Road Racing history with us. 
The Jaguar is known as 'Grey Pussy' ...Thanks Chris.
October 1958 - Bathurst - Start of the touring car race and AMPOL sponsored 'The Grey Pussy's ' racing history in Australia with David McKay behind the wheel.  John French (left) in two tone green FJ Holden - Leo Geoghegan (right) in black 48 Series Holden with streamlining. Geoghegan won from French and Bob Holden with David McKay in the Jaguar withdrawing early in the race. The yellow and black FJ Holden (far left - he did not start) is Jack Myers in the Thompson / Waggott # 4 Holden, the black FE Holden behind Geoghegan is Bob Holden, the yellow and black FE Holden behind French is Lou Kingsley in the # 9 FE REPCO Holden, the two tone FJ Holden behind Bob Holden is Bill Stattery # 6. Barry Gurdon in the S/C Austin  95 behind Slattery. The grey and white Austin A30( three rows from rear on left ) is Frank Dent in his 101mph A30.  The little Morris Minor convertable at the extreme rear of the field is a young Kevin Bartlett. 
What a great photo by Bernard Rubens.
October 1958 -Through Hell Corner for the first time, Geoghegan leads French then McKay up mountain straight at Mt Panorama. Lou Kingsley in the # 9 REPCO FE Holden just in the picture.  It was a fabulous sight, I was there on the inside of Hell Corner for this race (Brian D )
Jack Myers driving the Thompson / Waggott FJ Holden # 4 got a start in the second touring car race at Mt Panorama - Bathurst in October 1958. McKay in the 3.4 Jaguar about to pass him.  McKay in # 71 won the race from French and Myers in Holdens.
December 1958 - Albert Park Victoria - David McKay in the AMPOL sponsored 3.4 Jaguar # 71( Grey Pussy)
December 1960 Warwick Farm - NSW - Pete Geoghegan in 'Grey Pussy' # 5J leads
 Ron Hodgson at the inaugural meeting at 'The Farm'. Pete won the first Touring Car race.
Easter Bathurst 1960 - Ron Hodgson in Grey Pussy through Murray's Corner - Mt Panorama - running under Castrol sponsorship colours.
Bathurst - October - 1960 - Hell Corner - Ron Hodgson - Bill Pitt - Ian Geoghegan.
October -1960 - Bathurst - Ian Geoghegan over the top at Mt Panorama.
 A John Ellacott photo.
September 1960 - Philip Island Victoria - Ian Geoghegan and # 5 settled nicely.
February 1961 - Catalina Park Katoomba NSW - Pete Geoghegan and Ron Hodgson. John Ellacott photo.
October 1961 - Bathurst - Pete Geoghegan and Bill Pitt run through the top at Mount Panorama. How about that tree on the right ? John Ellacott photo.

September 1961- Warwick Farm NSW - Pete Geoghegan leads Kingsley Hibbard in a 48 Series App. J Holden. This was Appendix J racing at it's best. 
John Ellacott photo. 
March 1993 - Philip Island Vic. - Pete Geoghegan and Norm Beechey with the restored Grey Pussy. The Beechey Chevrolet Impala can be seen in the background.
Pete and Norm drove demonstration laps during the day.
March 1993 - Philip Island Vic. - Ian 'Pete' Geoghegan is re united with Grey Pussy after 30 years.
Eastern Creek Raceway NSW - 1995- Grey Pussy now owned by Chis Haigh.
November 2005 - Wakefield Park NSW- Spencer Martin and David McKay 
November 2005 - Wakefield Park NSW- Chris Haigh takes Australian motor racing legend, David McKay, on a nostalgic few laps of the Wakefield Park circuit in Grey Pussy, the car David first raced in Australia to success 47 year prior. David died one month after this photo was taken. Rest in Peace - David.
2008 Easter Bathurst - Chris Haigh pushes Grey Pussy over Skyline at 
Mt Panorama.
Thank you Chris for the chance to relive those fabulous years of touring car racing and the history of Grey Pussy.