Marc Schagen is the custodian of the collection of photos on the following pages under his name. The photographer is unkown, maybe a flaggie or corner worker, they have been passed down by Marc's Dad Adrien and preserved for posterity. Great images from several Australian race tracks, great cars and drivers from the 1960s. ........thanks Marc.
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Queenslander Glynn Scott in the Lotus at Catalina Park- Katoomba - NSW.
Clive Nolan in the Lotus at Catalina.( or is it Alan Felton ?..Ray Bell)
Ken Milburn - Lotus - Catalina Park.
Greg Cusack leads at Gardner & Geoghegan at Catalina.
The 2.5 Coventry Climax DOHC power unit.
Leo Geoghegan hard at it in the Total Team Lotus at Catalina.
Ian (Pete) Geoghegan at Warwick Farm - NSW - Lotus.
Frank Gardner leads Greg Cusack at Catalina Park.
Kevin Bartlett (inside) leads Barry Collerson # 4 - Oran Park - NSW.
Kevin Bartlett at Albury NSW.( Ray Bell queries ?)
Internationals - Pre Tasman Series 1963 - Lakeside - Queensland.
Shelley, Surtees, Amon, Youl.
Internationals - Pre Tasman Series 1963 - Lakeside - Queensland.
Youl leads from McLaren, Maggs and Surtees.
Frank Matich - Elfin - Catalina Park.
Thank you to Ray Bell for help with some IDs.