Merv Bunyan, a motor sport enthusiast and an amateur photographer who always had his camera handy at motor racing meetings in the 1950s and 1960s and thank goodness he did. This collection is a very exciting collection of racing cars that graced our Australian tracks in that era. The photos range from April 1957 to October 1961 and were taken  at Bathurst, Orange and Lowood. Through the generosity of Merv's son Rex, who can be seen, as a young boy, posing with the cars in some of Merv's pics, we have the pleasure of reliving the sights of some those fantastic race cars of that era. The collection is a mix of Merv's Box Brownie type pics and some professional shots.
Thank you to Rex Bunyan for sharing this history with us on Aussie Road racing.
We'll start with Merv's Box Brownie shots, they may not be of a professional quality, re angles etc., but what a rare and unique opportunity to see the race cars of the 50s and 60s as we use to see them in the pits. 
In a lot of images the driver may also be seen in or near the car.
The white C-type Jaguar # 97 of Frank Gardner's, road registered and all.
The Stan Jones 205 F Maserati sporting the # 1 
The Bib Stillwell 250 F Maserati # 20.
The David McKay Aston Martin Sports DB3S #71.  
The Lex Davison Ferrari # 4.
The Ian Steele Citroen Special Front Wheel Drive # 20
The Jack Neale Maserati # 44.
The Len Lukey Cooper Bristol.
The Sam Miller green and cream 100S Austin Healey # 22.
The Alec Mildren Cooper Climax # 10
A great photo of the Tom Clark Super Squalo Ferrari 
# 22 parked by the BP refuelling truck in the Bathurst pits..
The Tom Hawkes Cooper Holden # 46 had the REPCO cross flow conversion cylinder head fitted. 
The engine bay and Chev.Corvette engine of the Ted Gray Tornado Special.
The magnificent P3 Alfa # 19 of Ray Wamsley.
The Arnold Glass Super Squalo Ferrari # 2
The Bib Stillwell Cooper Climax # 6
The Qld. road registered Jaguar D-type # 4 of Bill Pitt.
The 300S Maserati Sports # 24 of Victoria's Doug Whiteford.
The Merv Neal Cooper Climax # 7.
Another angle on the Tom Clark Ferrari Super Squalo #22.
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