Clive Gibson, Trials driver partnering Frank Kleinig, and motor sport enthusiast has shared some of his memories with us on Aussie Road Racing..thanks Clive.
Clive with # 78 Peugeot 203  - REDeX Trial - Nullabor Plains
The Kleinig - Gibson Peugeot 203 # 78 at the Coolgardie W.A. sign. They finished 18th outright in the trial in this car.
Frank with a Super Plume - Vaccum Oil sign and his Peugeot during the 1954 REDeX Trial.
Clive Gibson with the class winning Morris Minor in the 1953 REDeX Trial. Photo taken in front of the Garbutt Hall near Townsville Airport Qld.
Frank Kleinig seated in a Porsche Spyder at the entrance to his workshop on Parramatta Rd. Burwood. NSW - 1956
The # 15 Porsche Spyder at the Gnoo Blas circuit - Orange - NSW.
Jack Brabham in the Porsche with Norm Hamilton and Frank Kleing  Orange - NSW - 1956.
The Doug Whiteford T26C Talbot Lago ( correct name )- Bathurst NSW - 14.4.1952.
Frank in Hudson Terraplane Special  - Standing 1/4 Mile- Mt Druitt Airstrip - 1951.
Clive standing at RR. Frank broke 14 seconds with a 13.70 sec. run.
Frank Kleinig in his Hudson Terraplane Special - Mt. Panorama- Bathurst NSW - Easter 1939. I'm told, in this race on lap 29 a con rod went through the Hudson engine block, giving the name to the main straight at Mt Panorama as 'Con Rod Straight'
Frank and the Terraplane # 3 power out of ( later known as ) Murray's Corner - Mt Panorama - 1939
....again at Bathurst.
L to R : Doug Ramsay( Frank's apprentice) Jack Stevens from Silex Mufflers ( much later bought
 out by  REPCO ) - Frank Kleinig  and W.A. McIntyre.
Bathurst - 2.10. 1939 - the McIntyre Hudson stopped after 14 laps - with a burst radiator hose. Kevin Salmon the driver.( just out of what was later known as Mountain Corner )
Les Burrows in the # 12 Hudson at Victor Harbour S.A. 1936. This was support race carrying the # 12 and Les being superstitious ran # 12 A in the AGP as he had drawn the # 13.
Les Burrows and Russell Kinsella at Penrith Speedway  - NSW - with the Terraplane. Date unknown.
McIntyre Hudson- 'Salmon Special'- #5 in the Pits at Bathurst -  2.10.1939
Thank you very much Clive for this great Aussie Road Racing history. Thank you also to Hal Moloney. 
Bathurst photos by the late Byron Gunther.