We go on to Page 3 of John Stanley's fine pictorial coverage of Sports Cars in the golden era of the 1960s and 70s of Aussie Road Racing.
Niel Allen leads Ian Cook in the Bob Jane Elfin 400 - Creek Corner - Warwick Farm.
The first grid formation at the official opening of the Lakeside race track in Queensland - 19th March 1961.
Lionel Ayers.
John Stanley and his MGB.
Ian ' Pete ' Geoghegan Lotus 23 leads Greg Cusack out of the Karrusell - Lakeside 
Geoghegan won the 1963 Australian Tourist Trophy in this car at Lowood, Qld. and the 1965 Title at Lakeside in the 23 as well.
Ace open wheeler and sports car driver - Frank Matich - in the Elfin Traco Oldsmobile.
 Frank won the 1967 A.T.T. at Surfers Paradise Qld. in a car of his own creation - the Matich SR3.

Earlier in Frank's career.(1965)

A series of three photos of the Frank Matich crash at Lakeside in the Lotus 19B.
Ken Miles at Lakeside.
The fabulous LM250 Ferrari - originally raced in Australia by Spencer Martin and David McKay.
Iain Corness in his quick MGB.
Thanks again to John Stanley for this great variety of photos.
Thank you to Ray Bell and Barry Green for some IDs on this page and others.
Lionel Ayers and friends
Above: Barry Karle in his first drive of the Centaur GT, heads for a tree at the Karrusell at Lakeside . Looks like the Centaur has the Repco Holden engine aboard at this time.
The car was originally built with a cross flo Waggott Twin Cam head on the grey Holden block. With the Waggott head the exhaust pipes were on the RH side. ( with the Repco, the LH side.) Right: He took the tree out and the wreck gets towed away. Barry was one of a syndicate of four who owned the car at this time and it ran under the  "Team Warwick " banner.
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Above: The famous band of the 
' Bee Gees ' evolved from a promotion 
( the stage was on the back of a semi trailer ) at Redcliffe Showground in Qld. by Barry Gibb, Bill Goode and Bill Gates,  hence the Bee Gees ! 

This is Bill Gates at Lakeside. Bill Goode raced a midget speedcar and was a successful Speedway promoter and we all know what Barry Gibb went on to do..
Above : A classic study, LR off the bitumen, through Hungry Corner at Lakeside, Fred Gibson driving the Niel Allen car happened to be in the Stanley camera viewfinder at the time.
Scrutineering the Greg Cusack Scuderia Veloce Team Lotus 23 at Lakeside.   Mildren mechanic Bruce Burr at rear in blue shirt.
The Centaur with the Waggott head aboard, pipes on the RH. This was the terrible time in Aussie motor racing history when they put ugly hard tops on D Types and Lolas etc. to conform to the 'Appendix K ' category - the GT class. 
Fred Gibson in the Niel Allen car - Sept.1968 Lakeside.
Niel Allen.