Don Read, 1960s Midget Speedcar owner / driver - Austin Healey owner - and general motor sport enthusiast - has shared some photos from his photo album with us. Mostly unique photos shot and labelled by Don at the time. Thank you Don, we are fortunate to be able to view them...Brian

The unique front wheel drive Citroen Special piloted by Don Wright amongst others.
A view of the cockpit of the famous Dal Ro Jaguar Special - a car still running in Historic today.
David Finch takes Windsock Corner at the Orange Gnoo Blas circuit in his
 D type Jaguar. See David's photo collection also on this site.
The Jaguar at Frank Gardner's Service Station at Whale Beach near Avalon.
What a sight to behold ! a white D type just sitting on the forecourt next to a white Healey 4..
Another view of the D type.
August 1959 - Clive Adams in one of the PRADs at Silverdale Hillclimb NSW.
PRAD stood for the first two letters in the surnames of Jack Pryer and Clive Adams.
Brian Foley in his Austin Lancer Series 1 at Silverdale Hillclimb.
Ian 'Pete' Geoghegan in his Standard 10 at Silverdale.
Frank Matich in the # 87 Leaton Mtrs. C type Jaguar at Silverdale.
Top sedan racing at the NSW  Mt Druitt circuit in the 1950s. Leo Geoghegan in the black 48 series Holden leads John French  FJ Holden , David Mckay Simca Aronde, and Lou Kingsley through Tyresoles corner, the last corner approaching the finsh line straight. 
Leo Geoghegan in the black 48 Series Holden. One of his Dad Tom's ex Liverpool Taxis. He was running the # 1 on the car at this time.
Leo in later years at Bathurst running with all the big time ( for the day ) Holden mods including streamlining of the car's nose.
1960- Sydney car dealer and Porsche agent Arnold Glass and friend arrive at Bathurst in a new Porsche sporting Trade plates and ad. on door.
Ron Hodgson in the Salmon Pink coloured ex Peter 'Pappy' Lowe MkII Ford Zephyr running a Raymond Mays cylinder head.( the car not Ron :)- 
Great suspension movement there !
1960 ATCC Champion David McKay in his Red Jaguar # 71 at Windsock  Corner - Gnoo Blas circuit  - Orange. The road in the background leads back to the city of Orange.
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