Don Hislop. a Sydney Jaguar enthusiast and owner, a great supporter of road racing, rallies and targas, looked through his old photos and came up with these gems from Bathurst and Orange in the late 50s, early 60s...Thanks Don.
What a fabulous candid photo. Working on the David Finch D-type, is  David's friend and mechanic, Don Dixon.
Exiting Windsock Corner on to Pit Straight at the Orange Gnoo Blas circuit, a 3.8 MkII Jaguar burns rubber on acceleration. Would possibly be David McKay.
On the grid at Orange, David Finch in the D-type, Ross Dalton in the C-type, probably Tom Sulman in the DB3s Aston Martin behind Finch, I see a Buchanan, an FJ, probably French, possibly a XK150 Jaguar and a 100s Austin Healey also on the grid. The days when they ran D-types, C-types and Astons  against FJ Holdens ! 
Victorian, Doug Whiteford in the red 300s Maserati sports car negotiates the top of the mountain at Bathurst.
Thanks to Don Hislop for these great images.
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