The 1955 REDeX  and the 1956 AMPOL Trials
1955- Car # 6 - A new FJ Holden bought for the trial by Rex Parkinson, hit a cow near Cairns and Parkinson sold the car to the crew members, Tony Lucas and John Hope, who completed the course. Tony Lucas wrote reports on the trial for the Newspapers under the name of 'Camshaft' .  Lucas and hope finished 44th.
1955 - This photo shows three cars at Norwood Oval in Adelaide including the Vanguard of John LeFoe and Evan Green. The Austin A50 from Tasmania was crewed by Joe Pedley and Max Oliver and the Holden FJ of Bert Rogers, Roy Block and Bill Alley from Largs Bay S.A.
1955 - Car # 39- This black Vanguard has lost the rear window. Several Vanguard Spacemasters lost their rear windows. This car finished 43rd. and was crewed by
Jim Hurst and Geoff Chew from Chatswood in NSW.
1955 - Car # 46 is the famous 'Grey Ghost' of Jack 'Gelignite' Murray and Ray Murray.The car was not presented to scrutineering at the trial finish, so they forefeited 4th. place outright. This photo was taken at Norwood Oval - Adeladide - S.A..
1955 - car # 60 is the Vanguard Spacemaster of Malcolm Brooks. This photo shows Malcolm arriving at his home town of Gosford. The navigator was Frank Tate.This Vanguard was placed 3rd. outright after having won the trial provisionally.
1955 - Car # 58 - is the Volkswagen of Granny Hayes, George Ross and Jack Ricardi which managed a respectable 32nd. outright.
1955 - Car # 74 is the Holden of Ken Miller, Harry Cape and Terry Wheatley. This photo was taken while they were re fuelling at Eucla. This building is now completely covered by drifting sand.
They placed 18th outright.
Apart from the trial facts, what a magic photo- a work of art ! (Brian)
The 1955 REDeX
The 1956 AMPOL
1956 - Car # 1 is the Vanguard of Benard McGrath, Hedley Nicol and Barry Donley. This Queensland entry is at the rail crossing at Snowtown S.A.  They did not finish the trial.
1956 - Car # 3  is the decorative Citroen Light 15 also from Queensland of Andy Devine and Don Dodds. This photo was taken on the last day of the trial at the Newcastle Showground.
1956 - Car # 8 is the new De Soto of 'Possum' Kipling, Leigh Stevens and Les March. They were sponsored by ' The News' from Adelaide. They failed to finish in the results.
1956 - Car # 9 is the Ford Zephyr of Rex Sandy and Lindsay Jettner and shows them discussing the route of the AMPOL Trial. They were from Glenelg in S.A.
1956 - car # 15 is the Willys 77 Roadster of John Dean and Ken Retallack from Evandale in Tasmania. This was another car that failed to finish due to the extremely wet conditions on the run to Alice Springs (N.T.)
1956 - Car # 21 entered from Horsham in Victoria and is a 1937 Ford V8 Coupe crewed by Jim Miller, Walter Baker, Bill O'Brien and Dudley Timms.
1956 - Car # 24 is the Vanguard Spacemaster of Bill Ralph, Don Ralph, and Warren Kelton.This crew was an entry from Kingsgrove in NSW.
1956 - Car # 32 is the Peugeot 403 of Allen Taylor and Wilf Murrell and the photo shows them in front of the Peugeot after winning the 1956 AMPOL Trial outright. Allen owned the car but Wilf was the driver.
1956- Car # 72 is the Ford Customlineof Michael and Peter O'Callaghan at the Newcastle Showground. A third crew member in this car is unidentified.
1956 - This photo shows Bill MacLachlan, Terry Byrne and Jack Murray at the start of the 1956 AMPOL Trial.
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