Some of Ed's memories of Aussie Road Racing ....
Two 48 series Holdens from the A.C.T negotiate Hell Corner at Mt Panorama - Bathurst - 1958
# 54 - J.Gorman - # 26 - P.Brown.
'Stormin' Norman Beechey and his famous Holden Monaro # 4..
The one and only Ian 'Pete' Geoghegan and his Mustang.
Leo Geoghegan in the Total sponsored Ford Cortina GT.
Bob Jane - E - type Jaguar at The Farm.
ID ? any one ?
Ted Proctor in the S/C Porsche Sports # 84.
One of the famous Bruce Leer built Milano Specials.
The mighty Stan Jones in his F1 250F Maserati takes Hell Corner at Mt Panorama - Bathurst - circa 1958.
Stan and the 250F pass the Mt Panorama control tower on Pit Straight.
Chris Amon in the Ferrari during a Tasman event.
Derek Bell - Ferrari ( Tasman event)
Piers Courage - BT26 Brabham.
Frank Gardner BT23 Brabham - 1968 Tasman event.
Leo Geoghegan - Lotus 29 - Chassis R12.
Frank Gardner - 1970 - Mildren Alfa - A.Mann chassis - AMR # 1.
Jochen Rindt - Lotus 49.
Graham Hill - Lotus 49.
The Geoghegan workshop at Liverpool - NSW where the famous Geoghegan race cars were prepared,
starting with the Tom Geoghegan 48 Series Holden in the early fifties.
Leo later took the old black 48 series on to big things in Australian touring car racing. Tom Geoghegan originally ran his Liverpool Taxi business from this workshop.
Thanks ED for these great photos....
Historic racing.
Warwick Farm Circa ? Drivers ? cars ?