To me there's nothing like the sound of the older motor racing machinery, be it Maserati, Ferrari, Turbo F1, bikes or midgets. If you like sounds as well, I've put a selection on this page. Some Aussie sounds recorded on location by Brian Darby.  Hope you enjoy them.  Just click on each photo for it to come alive.!
....................and remember to turn your speakers  UP to LOUD !
#1  Fangio & Moss at Spa in the 8 cyl. F1 W196 Mercedes Benz cars.             Followed by Fangio at the Nurburgring in an F1 Ferrari.
# 2 The famous Speedway J.A.P. engine sound.
# 4 The sound of the famous Big BERCO Repco Holden powered midget # 2 . A V860 engined car brought to Australia from the 1949 by Frank 'Satan' Brewer. In the late 50s it was fitted with a 6 cylinder grey Holden engine and a REPCO cross flow cylinder head. The sound taken on a few practice laps at the now defunct Fairbairn Speedway in the A.C.T.
#3  Stuart Mountford - a few laps of the short circuit at Barleigh Ranch Speedway NSW, from a standing start on a Jawa - 1996
# 5  VL V8s take Hell Corner at Bathurst 1987 and the howling from the exhausts can be heard as they pull up Mountain Straight.
# 6  Turbo F1 cars at Adelaide S.A. - The 1985 Foster's Formula One Grand Prix - sound taken on Rundle Road straight.
#7  The one and half litre BRM V16.
# 8 This one will blow your mind ! A bunch of English F1 engineers warming up an F1 Renault V10. The engineer at the desk on the left is regulating the engine warm up and revs from a computer lap top. About 3/4 the way through the clip, unbelievably he plays "God Save The Queen" in revs of the V10 ! A French Renault engine playing the very English "God Save The Queen !!. Click on F1.
The famous D-type,  plays for 31 secs.
The one and only 250 F, plays for 42 secs.
Pure magic ! Hold on to your hat for this one and turn the volume up as loud as you can stand ! Plays for 56 secs.
Brian O'Shea and his Supercharged Vincent at Torrens Island Adelaide . S.A.