Allan Moffat in the Brut 33 Mustang.
Jim McKeown in the Porsche # 3 and Allan Moffat in the Brut 33 Mustang battle it out.
Paul Trevethan MGB.
Allan Moffat shares the champagne.
Colin Bond.
Graham Bland Triumph GT6
Bill Brown with trophy.
Richard Stiegler in the Elan # 7
Another page of magnificent John Stanley photos from Surfers and Lakeside in the fabulous 60s now on line..John Stanley Page 6. 
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John O'Brien - Clubman - Mike Morris Milano # 27
Ray Kaleda in his Welsor # 91
Thanks to Ray Bell, Ken Price and Doug Grant for some IDs on this page.
and thanks again to Denis Riley and Mark Mansell
Ranald MaClurkin - Bolwell Nagari # 2
John Latham - Bolwell # 50
Graham Wall - MGB # 45.
Steve Bond - Morris Mini Minor
Terry Sheil - Neil Mason - Jerry Strauberg - Minis