HSRCA cars were present at the Shannon's Eastern Creek Car Show meeting on Sunday the 28th August 2005 and most took to the track for demonstration runs.
Ed Holly in the ex Geoghegan Lotus 20 Formula Junior.
Brian Wilson the ex Brabham 1968 F2 - BT23C Brabham.
The display area for the HSRCA cars on the day - prior to track runs.
Alan Cruikshank in the Lotus Elite Super 95
Wes Dayton in the MG TC
David St. Julian in the magnificent Lagonda Rapier S/C.
Paul English in his 1969 Moxon Formula V
Greg Neal runs inside Laurie Sellers in the Cobra.
D.Holland in a Reynard.
Greg Neal.
Bruce Richardson in the Nota Minx runs with Alan Cruikshank in the Elite.
Brian Wilson in the F2 Brabham and Ed Holly in the Lotus 20 leave the dummy grid area for entry onto the track.